Solid–State Drives

Solid–state–drive–driven cloud hosting servers

All our cloud hosting machines feature solid–state disks instead of standard disk drives. Solid–state drives offer much faster read ’n’ write speeds, which suggests that your web sites will open so much faster. Absolutely no further website modifications are needed.

By result of the perfect connectivity possibilities provided by each of our cloud web hosting Data Center Facilities, your website will begin working considerably faster once you turn to us.

Data Backups

Your sites are totally backed–up with us

We make back–ups of your web site content regularly, so you never ever risk losing your own personal website files, web apps, databases, emails, etc. due to hack attacks or even involuntary deletions on your end. Moreover, using the File Manager integrated into the Web Control Panel, you will be able to create manual back–up copies of all your site content anytime. Just specify and archive the folder(s) you wish to back up and our system will save it for you in the location you have chosen.


A safe web application firewall software

All our cloud hosting plans include ModSecurity by default. ModSecurity is a little Apache module that does a superb job – it functions as a web app firewall software, successfully defending all your web sites against hacker attacks. And everything takes place momentarily, without you needing to configure or tweak anything. Your web sites will be guarded the moment you host them with us.

99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee

A 99.9% uptime for your websites

We have developed our very own custom–built cloud hosting system where the server load is decreased and a 99.9 percent uptime is guaranteed. Our server admins keep an eye on the physical servers 24/7/365 and carry out routine server maintenance procedures. All cloud hosting packages feature a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee regardless of whether you’ve chosen to host your web sites in the United States, in Europe or in Australia.

Web App Installer

A one–click Web Apps Installer with over 40 PHP scripts

In the Web Control Panel you’ll find a quick, single–click 1 Click Applications Installer tool, by using which you can install over 40 free PHP scripts. It is to help you bring your personal blog, discussion forum, photo gallery or e–shop online in a matter of seconds. Just select your preferred software, specify the details and push the Install button. And that’s all! The platform will carry out the installation on your behalf in seconds. Absolutely no program code to write, no software to set up.

Free Templates

Over one hundred charge–free design skins integrated in the web hosting Control Panel

Are you searching for a brand new template for your Wordpress personal weblog? Need a shiny new design for your Joomla–driven website? You’ll be able to pick out from over 100 charge–free site themes straight from within the Cheap Hosting Web Control Panel. Simply pick the website theme of your liking and install it on your web site with one mouse click. Your new website will be set up with its very own unique design in a matter of minutes. And you don’t even need to leave from your web hosting Control Panel!

Email Manager

Manage your e–mail accounts with a click

Thanks to the point & click Email Account Manager incorporated into the Web Control Panel, you will be able to acquire absolute control over your own email mailbox accounts. Configure brand new email box accounts with one click of the mouse and control all their settings from a single place. You will be able to redirect mail messages to another e–mail box, configure custom e–mail filters, enable junk e–mail & SPF protection, create custom autoresponders and even more. You can also manage e–mail list campaigns./

Website Installer

Launch your own web sites with just a click of the mouse

Setting up your site is as easy as falling off a log with the swift, 1–click Instant Web Site Installer. Absolutely no coding is needed, absolutely no web site design skills are necessary at all. Just pick out the kind of website that you want – business or personal, plus a site skin of your preference. Then hit the Install button and your brand new web site will be published online momentarily. You will find the Website Installer in the Cheap Hosting Web Control Panel.

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